‘t Heerenlogement is an original rustic hotel situated in the city centre of Harlingen, which is on the famous eleven cities route. While Frisian skaters began participating in this mother of all tours as early as 1845, it did not gain official recognition until 1909. On 2 January that year, the ‘first’ Eleven Cities Tour was held, attracting 23 participants. Minne Hoekstra was the event’s first winner.

Posts were set up in all eleven cities, where participants had to collect stamps, and Hotel ’t Heerenlogement served as one of these for several decades. The hotel nevertheless dates back to far before 1909. A deed of sale dating from 1654 was found, which reveals that the hotel was purchased for the princely sum of ten 10 gold guilders that year. The property was indeed smaller in those days than it is now.

Jacob van Lennep also made mention of ’t Heerenlogement in the diary he kept during a walking tour of the Netherlands in 1823, which was later published. He was apparently a satisfied guest.