Hotel surroundings

Harlingen is a lively city, bustling with activity.

It has lots of cosy cafes, terraces, restaurants, shops, museums and art galleries. With many special events every year, such as The Fishery Days, Food and Street Festivals, Fleet days of historic ships, ‘Zoutsloter’ Christmas Market and the Tall Ships Races every four years.

This Frisian harbour town also has a rich trading history. Over 600 listed monuments, `t Heerenlogement being one of them, make the city centre a lovely place to visit. Harlingen has dynamic outer harbours, beautiful inner harbours, and is criss-crossed by moats and canals.

Our hotel is located on one of these beautiful city canals with a view of three typical old Dutch drawbridges. (The Singelbrug, Oosterbrug and the Franekereindsbrug) and right next to a lovely city park ‘The English Garden’.

What's more, Harlingen is also located on the World Heritage Wadden Sea, has a beach , walking routes over the sea dike and the unique Wadden Islands of Vlieland and Terschelling are only a short ferry trip away. The area around Harlingen is dotted with beautiful old Dutch villages and towns. The vast estates with mounds and dykes are great for cycling and walking.

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Explore Harlingen from the water with a round-trip on board the Singel Prinses. Or book a trip on the mps Regina Andrea and go seal spotting in the Wadden Sea. More information can be found here:

Or visit the Hidde Nijland Museum in Hindeloopen and learn more about Hindeloopen's rich history:

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